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You may only need a lawyer a few times in your life, but having the right lawyer is important. The right lawyer has a great work ethic, with the expertise, knowledge and competence to represent their client in their given field. You should easily build a great rapport with your lawyer, who not only is honest with you from the start, but remains honest with you throughout all of your legal needs.

The lawyers and staff at Kirwin Partners LLP succeed for their clients because they practice in areas of personal expertise. They communicate openly and honestly with their clients, fostering long-standing relationships for those they represent.

There are two types of payment terms. An “hourly rate” refers to billing a client for a full accounting of a lawyer’s time, regarding each and every detail that has been worked on by that lawyer. In some cases, mainly personal injury, clients do not pay their lawyer directly, but the lawyer takes a percentage of the total recovery. This is called a “contingency fee”. In both forms of payment, clients are also charged for any disbursements including court fees, mediation fees, and other fixed costs that require document creation and maintenance in a clients file.

Kirwin Partners LLP primarily offers hourly rates to its clients and offers contingency fees in areas that allow that form of payment. The firm is flexible and understanding of the various client’s financial needs and worries when undertaking legal representation. We will always discuss any payment concerns with clients during any point in their representation.

The ability to represent oneself in court is a harrowing task. A self-represented litigant is commonly unaware of legal professional procedure, court rules and legal precedent. There is no substitute for an opinion from a qualified professional about legal issues.

Kirwin Partners LLP aids clients in maneuvering through the tough terrain of the legal system, allowing clients to obtain the best results in their legal matters

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With the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, potential clients often spend countless hours trying to solve their own legal problems. People delay in asking for legal help because they hope to resolve a matter without assistance from a legal professional, are embarrassed and reluctant to tell a stranger about their legal issues and are afraid of the cost they will incur.

The lawyers and staff at Kirwin Partners LLP pride themselves on the rapport they build with their clients and their community. Through open and honest communication, they look to resolve their client’s legal issues expediently and effectively, saving their clients the cost of drawn out legal procedures while ensuring the best outcome for their clients.

According to recently available statistics, 95 percent of pending lawsuits are resolved by the time they reach pre-trial settlement. It is likely in Ontario that your case will resolve before reaching trial.

Kirwin Partners LLP is dedicated to resolving their client’s cases effectively. The lawyers are skilled negotiators, and look to resolve their clients matters expediently. That being said, the lawyers at Kirwin Partners LLP are not afraid to stand up for their clients when a matter is unable to be resolved, and have a lot of trial experience in defending their clients in a courtroom.

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where you and the opposing party meet with a mediator to resolve your legal issues without going to court. A mediator is a person trained to help the parties agree on issues without taking sides. They help you and the opposing party during negotiations to try and reach an agreement.

Mediators don’t make decisions and don’t force you or the other party to agree. They help you to speak with each other and to understand each other’s position. Their goal is to help you both compromise and agree on things.

Under Rule 24.1, civil actions in Essex County are subject to mandatory mediation. Mediation often leads to resolutions that are tailored to the needs of all parties. Generally, the best solution to a problem is one worked out by the parties themselves.

Many people find mediation more satisfying than a trial because they play an active role in resolving their dispute, rather than having a solution determined by a judge. The mediation process is informal and completely confidential. Parties in mediation may speak more openly than in court. Many people find mediation a more comfortable and constructive process than a trial.